Gallery: Kodiak Brown Bears

Photos from Alaska magazine Senior Editor Dave Costello’s recent trip to the Kodiak Brown Bear Center.

BearFishing1loresA Kodiak brown bear sow paws for salmon in the Thumb River on Kodiak Island.


ThumbRiverScenicloresA 22 year-old sow nicknamed “Broken Ear” fishes for salmon at the mouth of the Thumb River with Karluk Lake in the background.


A sow and her cub stand together on the bank of the Thumb River.


Bear-viewing guide Graham Stanford anchors the Kodiak Brown Bear Center‘s landing craft at the headwaters of the Karluk River. The boat had to be airlifted by helicopter to the remote lodge on Karluk Lake in two pieces, then reassembled.


“Broken Ear” and her cub walk through the late fall colors of Kodiak along the banks of the Thumb River.


While photographing the bears, Dave also had an unexpected close encounter with a red fox. “It walked right up to me while I was shooting,” he said. 

ThumbRiverBear Cropped2lores

A Kodiak brown bear focuses on the salmon in the Thumb River.

ThumbRiverCubs1lores copy

Two Kodiak brown bear cubs wade across the Thumb River as they learn how to fish from their mom.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming print edition of Alaska magazine for the full story on Senior Editor Dave Costello’s adventure at the Kodiak Brown Bear Center.