Thorne Bay

Thorne Bay Locator Map(Pr. of Wales Island) Thorne Bay is located on the east coast of Prince of Wales Island, 57 miles from the Clark Bay ferry terminal and 34 miles from Klawock.


Visitor information: Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 490, Klawock, AK 99925; phone (907) 755-2626 or via Thorne Bay Cityweb site. The U.S. Forest Servicehas an office in Thorne Bay, phone (907) 828-3304.

Thorne Bay began as a logging camp for Ketchikan Pulp Co. (KPC) in 1962, and was incorporated in 1982, making it one of Alaska’s newest cities. It was connected to the island road system in 1974. When timber was big in the 1960s and 1970s, Thorne Bay was the largest logging camp in North America, with more than 600 residents. The population has fluctuated with the lumber industry. Ketchikan Pulp Co. completed its final timber sales in 2001 and closed down operations here.

Thorne Bay has a grocery store and liquor store; general merchandise, boat fuel, convenience store, gas, diesel and post office at The Port; unleaded gas, propane, tire and auto repair at Bayview Fuel & Tire. The Tackle Shack offers fishing and hunting licenses. Lodging is available at Bayview Lodging. Camping at Municipal RV Park on Sandy Beach Road, across the street from the Thorne Bay Ranger Station.

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  • Go to the Thorne Bay Ranger Station for recreation opportunities and conservation education as well as information regarding Prince Of Wales Island.