Northway Locator MapLocated 9 miles south of the Alaska Highway via spur road; 59 miles from Tok.

Population: 136

Northway is the aviation entry point into Alaska for most private planes, most arriving between May and September. Northway’s airport was built in the 1940s as part of the Northwest Staging Route for Lend-lease aircraft bound for Russia during WWII.

Private Aircraft: Northway airport, adjacent south; elev. 1,716 feet; length 5,130 feet; asphalt; fuel 100LL, Jet, MOGAS; customs available. Floatplanes use Yarger Lake 8 nm E.

Northway consists of 3 dispersed settlements: Northway Junction at Milepost DC 1264 on the Alaska Highway; Northway at the airport, 6.5 miles south of Northway Junction on Northway Road; and the Native Village of Northway, 2 miles beyond the airport on the spur road.

Northway has a community hall, post office, school, FAA station and customs office. Lodging, restaurant and bar at Northway Airport Lodge & Motel, located at the airport.

Fishing on Chisana River for northern pike, lingcod (burbot) and grayling.