Manley Hot Springs

Manley Hot Springs Locator MapManley Hot Springs is located at the end of the Elliott Highway, 152 miles northwest of Fairbanks.

Population: 81

A pocket of “Pioneer Alaska.” J.F. Karshner homesteaded here in 1902, about the same time the U.S. Army Signal Corps established a telegraph station nearby.

Frank Manley built the 4-story Resort Hotel here in 1907. In 1913, the hotel burned down. By 1950, the population was down to 29 as mining waned. The settlement’s name was changed to Manley Hot Springs in 1957.

Today, Manley Hot Springs is a quiet settlement with gardening, hunting and fishing helping to sustain many residents. The post office, gas station and grocery are at the trading post. Meals, a bar and overnight accommodationsare available at the Manley Roadhouse.

Manley Roadhouse dates back to 1903, and is one of Alaska’s oldest original roadhouses from the gold rush era. Picnic area, playground and tent camping at park on the slough across from Manley Roadhouse.


  • Private hot springs at the Dart’s greenhouse. Visitors are asked to be respectful of the pools and plants.
  • Annual 4th of July celebration here, featuring a community feed and boat races on the slough.
  • Redington’s Iditarod Kennels offers tours of their kennel.
  • Salmon fishing on the Tanana River.