Delta Junction

Delta Junction Locator MapDelta Junction is located at Historical Mile 1422 of the Alaska Highway, at the junction of the Alaska and Richardson highways.

Population: 984

Visitor Information: Delta Junction Visitor Centeris located at the junction of the Alaska and Richardson highways.

Delta Junction is the official end of the Alaska Highway. From here, the Richardson Highway leads to Fairbanks. The Richardson Highway, connecting Valdez at tidewater with Fairbanks in the Interior, predates the Alaska Highway by 20 years.

Delta Junction  Map

Delta Junction began as a construction camp on the Richardson Highway in 1919. (It was first known as Buffalo Center because of the American bison that were transplanted here in the 1920s.) In the late 1970s, the state encouraged development of the agricultural industry in the Delta area by disposing of local land for farming purposes. Barley is the major feed grain grown in Delta.

Visitor facilities include multiple options in accommodations, dining, gas stations, a car wash, a shopping center, gift shops, RV parks, bank with ATM and other businesses. Delta Junction has a library and post office.


  • Have your picture taken with the monument in front of the visitor center that marks the highway’s end
  • Rika’s Roadhouse and Landing, north of town, was built in 1910 and is now part of Big Delta State Historical Park; fur shop, gift shop, historic rooms and the Packhouse Restaurant.
  • Look for American bison, which were transplanted into the Delta Junction area in the 1920s.
  • See the trans-Alaska pipeline crossing the Tanana River.
  • Visit Sullivan Roadhouse, built in 1906, one of the last remaining roadhouses from the Valdez to Fairbanks Trail.
  • Fish the Delta–Clearwater River and local lakes.

Delta Junction Vicinity Map