4 thoughts on “Alaska

  1. I love this cider! Alaska is so amazing and beautiful! Thank you for the pictures 💛

  2. I love Alaska
    Spent two months in Juneau with friends.
    Travelled on the Malaspina to Skagway. The scenery was magnificent .
    The view from train on the Yukon white pass
    Was spectacular.
    The ride on Board Captain Cook to see the
    Seward glaciers was so beautiful too.
    There were flowers along the streets.
    The water front where the cruise ships berth
    At Juneau with all the little sea planes flying
    Around is an amazing sight.
    The museum was good too.
    The people were friendly and courteous.
    I will return soon
    I would love to live in Alaska.

  3. What the heck? I played the stupid not a bot game to no end. Three times I’ve done the stupid click on pics but I only got a blank page. I’m not a bot but the stupid verification must think I am.
    Alas, no video for me nor will I excitedly share it with my non-Ak friends.

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