Gear of the Year

Whether you’re looking to keep warm or keep time, our Gear picks for 2016 have run a wide gamut of products that will help you enjoy the outdoors year-round. Alaska staff members pick the stuff they like best from 2016

Camp Stoves

When you’re camping out in the bush or on the roadside, there’s almost nothing more important than having a stove that will light—every time. Hot food and drink go a long way when trying to stay warm and hydrated. You’ll undoubtedly be bound for an uncomfortable, hungry night if...

Midweight Insulating Jackets

An insulating midlayer is one of the most often used pieces of apparel in any Alaskan’s closet, year-round. Especially come October. As snow begins to fall higher in the mountains, and daylight wanes, Alaskans (and visitors) need a warm jacket to take them through the next seven months—even...

Hiking Boots Fit for Alaska

Any Alaskan will tell you: If you’re going to invest in one piece of outdoor gear, get a solid pair of boots, because if your feet aren’t comfortable here, you won’t be either.

Rainwear for the Last Frontier

Rain and sun are both certainties in Alaska. The 49th state is home to the world’s largest temperate rain forest and the midnight sun. You’re likely to experience both; occasionally, several times in the same day. A good hardshell (read: rain jacket)—one that will keep the water out...