Opening Morning

BY ERIC M. BEEMAN I SHOOT BIRDS. I enjoy an autumn day wandering in the high country chasing ptarmigan with my .22 short, and a fat mallard from one of our nearby sloughs is genuinely tasty. Nowadays, though, I’ve discovered an additional way to shoot.

The Woman Who Married a Whale

(fiction) Story and illustrations by Jocelyn Paine In my youthful self, I imagined the sea was a basket of treasures. All things that came from it were delights to my eyes or thrilled my mouth or woke my skin. When my sister and I set out foraging, I always suggested the sea’s edge, while she...

The Power of a Burning Book

One woman’s stand-off with a persistent grizzly By Nancy Pfeiffer I am drifting off to sleep in my tent in the Ray Mountains, a little-known mountain range north of Fairbanks and south of the Brooks Range. My 12-year-old Australian sheepdog, Blumli, sleeps at my feet. The arctic sun, still above...

The Black Spruce

Learning from a tree By Corinna Cook To understand the black spruce, remember it grows from a fist-sized root ball as grey and compact and crucial as a brain. Each black spruce spindles itself straight up into the crack of the cold, stout branches making a skyward scrub from base to apex all winter...

Coffee & Quaq

Inupiaq woman’s podcast explores contemporary Native life

Border Tales

Crossing the line sometimes gets you “nowhere”