Summer is Coming

On the drive into school and work today, my daughter proclaimed from the back seat, “Mom! You were right! It rained yesterday and now the sun is making all the trees explode!” I smiled, both in my pride of her love of nature and that she actually listened to my ramblings. It’s such a magical...

Fanged Fur

Alaska’s uneasy relationship with sea otters BY EMILY MOUNT

Cabin Fever in Tongass National Forest

Access great steelhead and salmon fishing [by Mark Hieronymus] Alaska is often touted as a bucket-list destination for anglers, and for good reasons. From the trophy rainbows of Bristol Bay to the giant king salmon of the Kenai River and many species and locations in between, much has been written...

Spring Steelhead in Southeast

Fish are the bonus [BY GREG THOMAS] I’VE FISHED ATLANTIC SALMON IN RUSSIA, bonefish and permit in the Bahamas and Belize, and I’ve chased tarpon—for up to 30 days straight—while bumming around the Florida Keys.