[by Michelle Theall] Despite an economy driven by oil and commercial fishing, Valdez earns the moniker “Little Switzerland” honestly. The city of around 4,000 people rests in a deep fjord beneath the 5,000-foot peaks of the Chugach Mountains, with waterfalls cascading down lush green hillsides...

Dinosaur Country

What researchers found in Alaska may surprise you. [By Barb Cooper]

Marks of the Ancestors

The traditional art of tattooing [by Michael Englehard] DESPITE TATTOO PARLORS IN ALMOST EVERY CITY and celebrities flashing chic subcutaneous designs, facial tattoos still carry a stigma—try landing a bank job, even suited up fancily, when you look like Ray Bradbury’s Illustrated Man. In the...

2018 Photo Contest

Alaska Magazine’s 2018 Annual Photo Contest begins April 4, 2018 and ends August 15, 2018.

Hit the Water

7 tips for sea kayaking like a pro [by Deborah Kearns] I ’VE NEVER CONSIDERED MYSELF TO BE MUCH OF AN ADVENTURE JUNKIE. I’m also not terribly athletic so when I travel, I tend to play it safe on excursions. But our first trip to Alaska last September was a time for self-discovery—and for...

Alaska’s Parks Offer Varied Treasures

Visitors can see everything from bears and murres to sand dunes and salmon. [by David Shaw] It’s Denali National Park’s fault I live in Alaska. Fourteen years ago, I accepted a position as a field biologist, banding birds at the far end of the park’s only road. For two months I awoke every...

The New Dog

The New Dog Speeding to get more time in solitude. [by Nick Jans]