Casting Call

Actor Henry Winkler talks fly fishing [by Jim Dobson] AN ACCOMPLISHED SPORTSMAN WHO METICULOUSLY RECORDS THE MEASUREMENTS OF EVERY FISH HE HOOKS, actor Henry Winkler has learned that his seasonal fly fishing trips on American rivers, including in Alaska, are not just about catching trout. 

Chasing Autumn

Follow Alaska’s fall colors south to Lost Lake [by Mollie Foster] As spectacular as they are, it’s surprisingly easy to miss fall colors in Alaska. Once the leaves start changing hues, they only stay on the trees for two to three weeks, with peak foliage lasting only 48 hours in some areas.

THROWBACK: Novarupta Volcano – 100 Years Ago

The eruption that transformed Southwest Alaska [By Andromeda Romano-Lax] A hundred years ago, on a hot and windless June day along the Katmai coast, a strange snow began to fall. Rice-sized bits of pumice whitened Kaflia Bay, while to the west, darkness crept across the sky.

Sojourn to Seward

Calling all wildlife weekend warriors [by Michelle Theall] IF YOU WANT TO GET A QUINTESSENTIAL TASTE OF ALASKA, and you wan to check a few items off your bucket list in a single weekend, point your car down the Seward Highway, a nationally designated scenic byway, and get your camera ready. The...

Fall Rush

Experience Denali Park in autumn [By Julie Stricker] A crisp breeze ruffles the fur of a tawny grizzly as it grazes in a patch of blueberries only yards from a busload of people. They whisper excitedly as camera shutters whir, but the bear is intent on its meal and pays no attention.

Alaska Style

Clothing to get down and get it done. [by Bjorn Dihle] Despite popular belief, Alaska has a sense of fashion as cutting edge as SoHo in New York City. The difference is we go for practical rather than pretty. Sure, men and women alike wear sexy knee-high boots, but they’re made of rubber and...

Land of Wolves and Bears

The hunt for the perfect photo. [by Nick Jans] IT’S 1981, a mid-August evening on the spine of the Kobuk-Noatak divide, 70 miles above the Arctic Circle. It’s hard, wind-scraped country: tundra valleys webbed with caribou trails, rolling away beneath a wide sky.

Preserving the Pack

Wolves of the Alexander Archipelago [by Emily Mount] CRUNCH, CRUNCH, SPLASH, CRUNCH!” I hear them before I see them as I paddle my kayak around a rocky point in Glacier Bay National Park: 12 wolves feasting on a bed of mussels at low tide. They smack their lips, tearing bivalves from the rocks,...

Monsters from the Deep

Exploring the appeal of Alaska’s strangest gamefish [by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.] You don’t need to travel far across Sitka Sound before you begin to fall under the spell of true maritime wilderness—Baranof Island’s convoluted outer shoreline unspools a long way from civilization. Many places...