Sixty Years and Counting

By Susan Sommer This spring, my parents, Red and Bunny Beeman, celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. They each landed in Alaska on their own trajectories before statehood, met through Mom’s cousin (who knew Dad from the trapline), and married in 1959, the same year Alaska joined the nation....

Summer is Coming

On the drive into school and work today, my daughter proclaimed from the back seat, “Mom! You were right! It rained yesterday and now the sun is making all the trees explode!” I smiled, both in my pride of her love of nature and that she actually listened to my ramblings. It’s such a magical...

Fit for Royalty, Accessible to All

Our small but mighty team here at Alaska magazine has been talking a lot about food lately. While these wonderful conversations are constantly making us hungry, it’s all in preparation for our first ever September Fall Harvest issue—focusing on all the bounty that Alaska has to offer. I have...

Hello Spring!

Goodbye cruel winter IT’S TELLING THAT I STORE EACH YEAR’S March snapshots in a folder labeled “Spring” rather than “Winter.” By March, we in the northern latitudes are all too ready to call a sunny 20-degree day spring.

Free, Open Spaces

“Come, and follow me…” resonated like a spiritual [by Russ Lumpkin]