Spring Steelhead in Southeast

Fish are the bonus [BY GREG THOMAS] I’VE FISHED ATLANTIC SALMON IN RUSSIA, bonefish and permit in the Bahamas and Belize, and I’ve chased tarpon—for up to 30 days straight—while bumming around the Florida Keys.

Island of My Fears

A walk across Chichagof Island [by Bjorn Dihle] The floatplane lifted off glassy water and I wiped a bit of vomit from my lip. I was about to trek across Chichagof Island, and nerves had gotten the best of me.

Alaska’s Most Exciting Commute

Whales, sea lions, and otters are the only traffic for Glacier Bay rangers PARK RANGERS ARE ON EVERY CRUISE SHIP THAT TOURS GLACIER BAY NATIONAL PARK, but the massive ships don’t stop when they power into the bay, which means rangers have to board the boats while they’re still pushing through...

Caribou People

The importance of the Porcupine herd to the Gwich’in people [by Charlie Swaney and Peter Mather | photos by Peter Mather] AS I SIT WITH GWICH’IN HUNTER CHARLIE SWANEY UNDER A CLASSIC BLUE CAMPING TARP, A RAIN DRIZZLE SILENTLY DRUMS ALL AROUND US.

Cracked Ice, Kenai Lake.

We recommend that you don’t try this at home. Or anywhere, for that matter…but if you do, be safe and make a beautiful video! Cracked Ice, Kenai Lake, Alaska from Luc Mehl on Vimeo.