Desolate Beauty

Katmai’s Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes [text and images by Steven Miley] STEPPING OUT OF THE BUSH PLANE INTO THE VALLEY OF TEN THOUSAND SMOKES, my shoes sink into the ash and pumice. A cold breeze carrying the vague smell of sulfur stings my face as I scan the valley for signs of life, finding...

Designed by Nature

Arctic Alaska’s mysterious stone walls [by Bill Sherwonit] HIKING ACROSS THE ARCTIC TUNDRA ONE RECENT YEAR, I happened upon an unusual array of rocks, unlike anything I’d seen in more than three decades of exploring Alaska’s diverse wildlands. Upon discovering the piled stones, two thoughts...

America’s Smallest Forest?

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it THE HARSH ENVIRONMENT of the cold, windswept Aleutians keeps little foliage other than grasses from growing on the island of Adak, which is home to the westernmost city in the United States.

Lights Out

Capturing the spirit in the sky [by Nick Jans] A SHIMMER OF LIGHT FLICKERS OVER THE KOBUK RIVER AND THE CURVE OF THE BORNITE HILLS. Then another. As I gaze eastward, yellow-white tongues of fire rise from the horizon, accelerate in pulsing curtains that blaze overhead, shred and vanish, then form...

Winter Wonderland

Cozy Hatcher Pass Lodge offers beauty, hospitality [by Debbie Cutler] If you are looking for something fun to do this winter, take a trip up to cozy Hatcher Pass Lodge and the surrounding area to visit an old mine, hike, sled, ski or snowboard.