Acknowledging Knowledge

I live about two pick axe handles from the post office. When I walk it, it seems like two miles. But whether I drive or walk (my George Attla hand-made sled hangs upside-down on my back porch), I never leave the post office until I have thumbed through my Alaska magazine and found “On the Edge.” I study it thoroughly and try to remember a few details.

Recently, aboard a cruise in Florida, I listened as the tour guide spewed out gobs of local history; he pointed out the site of an old settlement with a large mound called a midden. Thanks to Nick Jans, I was the only tourist who had the slightest idea what a midden was!

I so enjoy Alaska magazine—all of it—but especially “On the Edge.” Keep up the great job and just don’t let Nick get old and run off on us, please.

-Brice Umstead, “Old Catfish”
Knoxville, Tennessee