Glacier Bay – Views of a National Treasure

This past summer I spent seven days in Glacier Bay National Park as photo leader for Dolphin Charters on board Ronn Patterson’s 52-foot M/V Delphinus. Eight photographers joined us for a full week in Glacier Bay National Park, and we had an amazing trip. Over the years I have spent somewhere between eight to nine months in the park, and I always look forward to my return to this national treasure. Glacier Bay never ceases to amaze me, and the more time I spend in the park, the more I realize how much of it there is. – Mark Kelley


 Ice floes in Johns Hopkins Inlet protect harbor seals from marine predators. During the pupping season, the inlet is closed to motorized vessels.


Kayakers seem too close to the action of a calving Johns Hopkins glacier, but the 600mm lens used for this shot compresses the actual distance in the image. 

The colors of dwarf fireweed along the edge of Reid Glacier provide a bright contrast with the cold, blue glacier ice.

Two sea lions roar at each other on South Marble Island, looking to establish the upper hand and get the best spot at the haulout.