New and True: A gift guide for conscientious consumers

Glerups Slip-on Rubber Clog

Tell your other favorite clogs it’s time for a break. These Danish, hand-crafted, felted wool clogs are the only thing we’ve worn since the fall chill came back into the air. They have a grippy rubber sole, keep your feet toasty, and strangers in the grocery store stop to ask where you got them. All wins, and they make practicing hygge even better.


Watershed Goforth Drybag

We really did think the fanny pack should have stayed in the 80s until this drybag came along. Stash all your treasures in this drybag, hop on your paddleboard, and go. It’s durable, comfortable to wear, and the most practical item we discovered this summer. Perfect for the fisherman or paddler in your life.


Luci Solar String lights

These playful and practical lights aren’t all whimsy. You can hang them in your tent or on your patio at home or even on your Christmas tree. They’re 18 feet long, are charged by the sun, and even have 2 USB ports to charge your phone and plug in when you want a traditional charge.



Save the Duck

If you’re on the fence about down filling used in jackets, we suggest checking out Save the Duck’s line of coats. They replaced goose down with PLUMTECH, a technology that rivals even your warmest of coats. Beyond that, their colors are unlike any other brand we’ve ever loved.

Filson Rip Stop Down Coats

Stand out in this warm and stylish Filson jacket. The rip-stop down feels tougher than your other puffy coats, so you aren’t afraid to wear it on the boat, around a campre, or berry picking in snag-prone territory.


Yeti Panga 28 Backpack

I spend a lot of time on the water and I am fairly certain this is as tough as it gets for a waterproof, destruction-proof pack. It’s burly and has a wide open interior. I wore it sailing through a squall in Resurrection Bay and all my gear stayed dry and cozy.

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