2017 Alaska Photo Contest Winners

The year’s best images from our readers.

Our editors were overwhelmed, in a good way, by the 2,500 entries we received for our annual photo contest. Your love for Alaska and photography skills made it difficult for us to select just a handful of winners. For several weeks after the contest ended, we discussed various images, studied them in high-resolution, and debated their ability to illustrate the category theme in unique and interesting ways. Our selections appear on the following pages and include our grand prize winning shot featured on this spread. Thank you for taking the time to show us Alaska from your viewfinder. ~Eds

2017 Alaska Photo Contest Winners

4 thoughts on “2017 Alaska Photo Contest Winners

  1. Kinda bummed. I won i believe 3rd place in the Adventure Category, it’s not in this post and I was hoping to share it but it is in the magazine and that’s pretty cool. Oh well, these are all amazing so I’m excited to have been chosen

  2. Shoot, sorry, my phone must not have loaded them all at that time. It showed up later, go figure. Thank you, I’m excited to share it.

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