Submission Guidelines for Freelance Photographers

Alaska Magazine is dedicated to depicting life in Alaska through high-quality images of its people, places and wildlife. Color photographs from professional free-lance photographers are used extensively and selected according to their creative and technical merits.

GENERAL: Photographic submissions must be high-resolution digital images that are sharp and properly exposed. Please note: slides transparencies and prints will not be accepted. Also, no digital composites, please. Historical black-and-white prints for which negatives are not available can be submitted in any size. All photo submissions will be carefully packaged before being returned. Alaska magazine assumes no responsibility for unsolicited photographs.

The following criteria must be met with each submission:

  • Carefully package materials
  • Basic caption information for each image (who, what, where, when) should be embedded in the image file.
  • Images must be submitted in RAW (unprocessed) format. Additional copies of images with minor adjustments or cropping (saved in TIFF or JPEG) maybe included as well.
  • Send by certified mail with return receipt. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of the submission.

DIGITAL IMAGES: Images made with a digital camera of 5 megapixels or better are acceptable. Images may be submitted on CD, DVD or flash drive. Photo manipulations of any kind must be clearly noted and defined. Digital composites will not be accepted.

ASSIGNMENTS: Photographers on assignment are paid a competitive day-rate and reimbursed for approved expenses. All assignments are negotiated in advance. All anticipated costs must be pre-approved, and a signed expense report, including original receipts, must accompany the contributor’s invoice delivered upon completion of the assignment.

RIGHTS AND CONDITIONS: Alaska magazine buys first North American publication rights and limited electronic rights and pays upon publication.


COVER PHOTOS: Cover images are usually vertical with room at the top for the magazine’s banner, but do not limit a submission to strictly standard compositions for covers. We have had success making unconventional compositions work quite well for cover presentation.

PHOTO FEATURES: Alaska magazine actively solicits photo-feature ideas having in-depth treatments of single subjects. The ideal photo essay would tell a story of a subject while having compelling content with vibrant color and contrast, and would include both the macro and the micro.

EDIT AND LABEL YOUR PICTURES: Your name and address should be on every disc or drive submitted. Please submit what you feel is only your best work having the greatest chance of publication. Basic caption information for each image should be embedded in the image.

IN CONCLUSION: The editorial staff of Alaska magazine welcomes free-lance submissions and encourages new talent to submit. Free-lancers who contribute consistent, high-caliber work will find fair evaluation and compensation for their product. For submissions or questions, please write or call:

Send submissions to:

Please state “alaska photo submission” in the subject line of the email.