Alaska books, podcasts, movies and digital content to get your fix


Being stuck inside at home can quickly drive a person stir crazy. The good news is there’s lots of content out there to fill those restless hours and get your Alaska fix instead of playing tic-tac-toe with yourself. Check out these books, podcasts and YouTube shows to live the Alaska life vicariously while the whole world is sheltering in place.


Coming into the Country, by John McPhee: One the greatest nonfiction writers of the twentieth century set out to discover the Last Frontier, and he wrote about his travels through urban and rural Alaska in this 1977 book.

Shadows on the Koyukuk, by Sidney Huntington and Jim Rearden: A gripping tale of one man’s trials and tribulations growing up in rural Alaska, and how the state and his culture shaped who he became.

Raven Tells Stories: A good glimpse into the poetry and stories of the rich and diverse native cultures in Alaska, this book is an anthology of Alaska Native writing.

This is Chance This book, which debuts on March 24, tells the story of Genie Chance, a working mother and part-time radio reporter whose broadcasts played a role in keeping Alaska together after the 1964 earthquake.


Grizzly Man: This 2005 documentary tells the story of activist Timothy Treadwell and is a fascinating and intimate profile of a human obsessed with bears.

Alone in the Wilderness: Many moved to Alaska and carved a home out the wilderness, but few filmed it. This footage of Dick Proenneke and the cabin he built is a testament to the fortitude and ingenuity of those settlers.

Big Miracle Available now on Netflix, this narrative film is based on the true story of an international effort to rescue gray whales trapped in the ice off Alaska’s coast.


Outdoor Explorer Produced by KSKA-Anchorage public radio, this podcast is full of stories about outdoor activities in Alaska like beekeeping, Arctic exploration, and snowboarding, told through interviews with people who have mastered the craft.

Northern Soundings Longtime broadcaster and Alaskan Robert Hannon interviews residents on topics ranging from volcano science to ultra-running to Native Alaskan culture.

Arctic Entries Modeled after storytelling events like The Moth radio hour, these are recordings of live shows in which seven Alaskans each tell a seven-minute true story.

YouTube shows

Alaska SeaLife Center This research and rehabilitation institution puts out short videos that are educational, promotional, and sometimes just plain cute. Who doesn’t like watching baby seals wriggle their way down the beach?

Bleeding Heart Brewery These guys are hilarious. You’ll learning nothing from watching these videos, except maybe the result of combining frivolous youth, beer, boredom, and videography. Check out their channel if you want to waste ten minutes of your life but laugh while you’re doing it.

Indie Alaska A web series produced by PBS Digital Studios and Alaska Public Media that spotlights Alaskans in all walks of life, from native artists and researchers to ice truck racers and rappers. These videos are professionally shot and tightly edited.

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