Caribou People

The importance of the Porcupine herd to the Gwich’in people [by Charlie Swaney and Peter Mather | photos by Peter Mather] AS I SIT WITH GWICH’IN HUNTER CHARLIE SWANEY UNDER A CLASSIC BLUE CAMPING TARP, A RAIN DRIZZLE SILENTLY DRUMS ALL AROUND US.

49 Places to See in the 49th State

(from the February 2012 issue) Planning a trip to Alaska? Or looking for somewhere off the beaten path? Here are some spots that should not be missed. [by the Editors of Alaska magazine]

The Pribilof Islands

The Pribilof Islands Premier birding and more [by Kevin McCarthy] ALASKA IS A WILD AND REMOTE PLACE, and it occurs to me while flying far out over the Bering Sea that few places, even in Alaska, are as wild and remote as my destination: the Pribilof Islands.

The Last Great Wilderness

The Arctic Refuge remains an unspoiled American treasure—for now [by E. Donnall Thomas jr.] “Here still survives one of Planet Earth’s own works of art. This one symbolizes freedom.” —Lowell Sumner National Park Service biologist, 1953 I will never forget the first time I dipped my toe in...