2020 Alaska Photo Contest

The photos are piling in. View the entries and upload your own photos for the 2020 Alaska magazine photo contest.


Wild World

Just a few reasons why Alaska wild places are so unforgettable. Enjoy! Wild World from Janessa Anderson on Vimeo.

The Wildest Hunt – Protect the Tongass!

Humans have unprecedented power to change our environment. That also gives us a staggering responsibility to be good stewards of the environment. Here’s one take on what hangs in the balance. It focuses on the Tongass National Forest and features one of Alaska magazine’s regular editors and...


Life is stressful. Take a deep breath and unwind with this short film from Laughton Glacier.  GLACIER from JJ Kazwell on Vimeo.

Valdez Salmon Run

Check out this incredible footage of the droves of pink salmon making their way to the spawning grounds near Valdez, Alaska!