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Title: IMG 5584
Author: Jennifer Wall
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Description: This Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis) has been spotted hanging around the summer employee housing at Denali National Park, likely feeding on the high population of snowshoe hares in the area. I spotted it as I was walking through the camp on my birthday; when they run, lynx look like a cross between a deer and a rabbit- from behind, they almost look like a giant snowshoe hare! I grabbed my camera and was able to find it again as I walked along the park road trail. We locked eyes as it sat under a spruce tree, assessing this new threat that had approached. I remained as still as possible, admiring from afar. Surprisingly, the lynx was unperturbed by my presence and remained in place. I continued to observe from afar for a couple minutes before moving on. It was my favorite birthday present by far.