2015 Photo Contest Winners

Check out the photos that won our 2015 Photo Contest.

Grand Prize

Grand prize: Frank Lynn Pierce of Juneau, Alaska
Grand prize

Just outside the entrance to Denali National Park, Frank Lynn Pierce captured this lynx drinking from a stream just 10 feet away from him. The two then walked up the mountain together for over half an hour until the lynx disappeared back into the woods.


Alaska Adventure

First place: Brenna McConnell-Booher of Fairbanks, Alaska

A dog team makes its way through a sunlit spruce forest in Fairbanks.

Second place: Steven Miley of Fort Greely, Alaska

A self-portrait inside an ice cave on Canwell Glacier.

Third place: Larry Wajsman of Roswell, Georgia

A humpback whale puts on a show with Herbert Glacier in the background.


Alaska Life

First place: Richard Kelly of Morgan, Texas

The Alaska Railroad travels from Anchorage to Fairbanks on a winter day.

Second place: Thomas Tessier of Newhalen, Alaska

Smokehouse in Newhalen during the sockeye salmon run.

Third place: Pamela Lipari of North Pole, Alaska

A boat can be seen from the fireweed-filled shore of the Old Valdez site.



First place: Emily Tracy of Soldotna, Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier ice cave near Juneau.

Second place: Matt Skinner of Anchorage, Alaska

Aurora borealis ‘waterfall” corona over Hatcher Pass.

Third place: Michael Wilson of Prescott, Arizona

A spawning salmon along the Russian River on the Kenai Peninsula.

Readers’s Choice: Richard Kelly of Morgan, Texas

Winter alpenglow on Denali.



First place: Kevin McCarthy of East Falmouth, Massachusetts

Two female polar bears brawl on the beach outside of the village of Kaktovik.

Second place: Diane Briggs of Gardnerville, Nevada

Sow and twin brown bear cubs with milk mustaches on the Kenai Peninsula.

Third place: Bill Dam, Jr. of Anchorage, Alaska

An Arctic tern pauses to scratch an itch at Potter Marsh.

Reader’s Choice: Larry Wajsman of Roswell, Georgia

An eagle swoops down to catch a quick lunch in Ketchikan.