Fish on Friday

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Reintroducing the Wood Bison to Alaska

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service published a special rule this week that will help clear the way to reintroduce the extirpated wood bison into their historic range in Alaska. Currently, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is home to the only wood bison herd in the United States. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center partnered with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game on the Wood Bison Restoration Project, and are prepared to reintroduce wood bison, the largest mammal in North America, to interior Alaska more than a century after they were driven from the state.

Alaska Railroad Offers New Day Trip Option

                          The Alaska Railroad is now offering a new day trip to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Aboard the Glacier Discovery Train, guests will have the opportunity to experience the unparalleled scenery on the southern portion of the Railbelt and be able to check out all of the new and exciting things happening at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.