The Landlord

I was less than a mile from the house when I saw the bear—a reddish, teenage grizzly—sauntering down the road. At first, he didn't even react to the rumble and crunch of tires on gravel. But once the dogs saw him and exploded into an indignant, noses-to-windshield frenzy, he evaporated into the brush. Of course there were bears around our new homestead up the Klehini River, 20 or so miles north of Haines. Wolves and moose too, along with all the wild creatures that come with the country. That was one of the reasons we'd bought the place. Not that our 15 years in Juneau had been your average suburban experience. In our time living in the shadow of the glacier, we'd rubbed shoulders with bears, mostly black; mountain goats; wolves, especially a certain black wolf; coyotes, and more.

Shipwreck - Mysteries of Death at Sea

The vast cold seas near Kodiak Island cover a massive highway of death, where uncharted pinnacles and hidden rocks have claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people during the past 250 years. While that might sound like overly dramatic prose, Capt. Warren Good, 64, who conducted more than 30 years of meticulous research on Alaska shipwrecks, warns that jagged rocks will continue to cause more fatalities in Kodiak's fishing industry and throughout waters off Alaska's shores. Good can document 4,748 deaths out of 3,624 Alaska wrecks. However, he believes that hundreds or thousands of other ships simply disappeared and went unreported from 1750 to 2010.
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