Harding Icefield Trail

Harding Icefield Trail in Alaska's Kenai Fjords National Park was selected as one of the 10 most beautiful hikes in the US by Fodor's Travel.                       "Step back into the ice age with this spectacular day hike located near Seward in Kenai Fjords National Park."

Magic in Mountains

In the April issue, we mentioned that our editors had a few books coming out and that we'd post an excerpt online. As promised, the adapted excerpt below is taken from Teaching the Cat to Sit, Alaska editor Michelle Theall’s new memoir. Some names have been changed to protect privacy. View of Mt. Blackburn I can clearly picture Jeremy’s face, with his curious algae-colored eyes and the ears that stuck out from his head in an attentive way, like he was trying to understand us. He was twenty-one days old and had been removed from his mother at the hospital because he was born drug-positive. Mom was an eighteen-year-old addict. Dad was thirty-six and had disappeared. Social services had placed the baby back in the home with his mom three times in three weeks, with no success.
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