My 48-Hours in Seward

My 48-Hours in Seward, Alaska


Seward, Alaska is about a 2.5 hour drive from Anchorage and it's one of the most scenic drives you'll ever take. I drove there in May, just at the start of everything leafing out and wildflowers starting to bloom. On the way to Seward, I stopped off at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (one hour south of Anchorage at mile 79), home to musk ox, caribou, wood bison, and elk, even though the black and brown bears were what I came to view. A new walkway allowed me to view black bears at eye level, and a separate enclosure for a couple of brown bears, allowed me to watch them playing and wrestling in the water in much the same way they would in the wild.

Dropping into Seward over Moose Pass, I decided to eat at Chinook's on the harbor, a place that came highly recommended by the Alaska Morris staff. I drank a cold pint of Fire Engine Red while I waited for the smoked scallop mac 'n cheese and watched a bald eagle preen its feathers atop one of the masts of the boats. I don't even like scallops, but the dish was as promised--amazingly good.

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Birds Abundance

Festivals throughout Alaska offer education, art, tours, photography opportunities

Gull-Myriad Todd Eskelin FWSA myriad of gulls swoop in unison during the Kenai Birding Festival near a breeding colony of more than 30,000 hybrid Glaucous-winged/Herring gulls, one of the largest such colonies in the world. TODD ESKELIN, KENAI NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGEA few weeks after moving to Alaska, I boarded a ferry bound for the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival in Haines. I didn’t know what to expect, but I’d heard you could see lots of eagles. The next day I drove out the highway, winding along the Chilkat River in the November rain. Spotting a few people with binoculars at one of the pullouts, I stopped.

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