Pavlof Volcano Erupts

The Pavlof Volcano, one of the many active volcanos in Alaska, erupted earlier this week. It is far enough from Anchorage to be harmless, and the show could go on for weeks.

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NPR had this to say:"Alaska's most active volcano began erupting with new intensity this week. The Pavlof Volcano is spewing steam and ash, some four and a half miles into the air. The volcano's located in a sparsely populated area, 600 miles southwest of Anchorage. So it's mostly a good show for people with a view and not a threat. The volcano does sit under a main flight path between North America and Asia. Some regional flights have been canceled. But so far, large commercial jets have been able to skim safely above the ash cloud. Geologists say Pavlof's show could go on for weeks, maybe even months."

Read the National Geographic article here.

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