Save $10 off the 2014 MILEPOST

Great deal alert! The MILEPOST is offering a limited time only discount pricing offer on the 2014 edition of the legendary Alaska trip planner and travel guide. 

Since 1949, The MILEPOST has been the most trusted and complete Alaskan travel guide and trip planner for highway and ferry travel to Alaska, including Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, and the Yukon.  Click here to claim your $10 off offer today!


Updated annually, The MILEPOST features:

  • 752 pages of mile-by-mile information on traveling through western Canada to Alaska; 15,000+ miles! 
  • More than 100 detailed maps and 700 color photos
  • FREE 21" X 31" 'Plan-A-Trip map, a $5.95 value
  • Includes VIP Membership to access the Digital Edition eBook on your PC and in iPad or Android mobile device apps
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