9-Year-Old on a Mission to See Northern Lights Before Going Blind

Ben Pierce, a nine-year-old boy from Texas, is going blind. Scar tissue from eye surgery is causing Ben to lose more of his vision with every growth spurt. Ben’s parents asked him to make a “bucket list” of what he would like to see before he can’t see anymore. The list ranged from simple things, like going to the Apple store or snorkeling, to bigger items: seeing Big Ben, a Broadway play, Harry Potter World, and the Northern Lights.  

Recently Alaska Airlines contacted Ben’s parents and offered Ben and his family (including five brothers and sisters) lodging and airfare to Alaska to view the Northern Lights. “When we told him to 'dream big,' that's one of the things he said,” added Ben's dad, Kit Pierce. “We never expected to do it, honestly.”

The Northern Lights are visible in Alaska starting in September through the winter. To read more about Ben, visit USA TODAY.  

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