Alaska Cellist Tours Spain - On Foot

This month, Dane Johansen, a native Fairbanksan, is hiking 600 miles in France and Spain with his cello strapped to his back.  Johansen is following this historic Camino de Santiago, a famed pilgrimage route since Roman times.  Along the way, he'll stop to perform Bach suites for solo cello in various old churches.

"The Alaskan now working in New York is a member of the Escher String Quartet and Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. He also teaches at Juilliard. He just finished a two-week tour of England and will be back in his home state to perform with the Anchorage Symphony next January.

"During the Spanish trek, Johansen is being accompanied by filmmakers creating a documentary titled "A Walk to Fisterra: A Cellist's Journey" ( As a cellist, his expenses (aside from the cello) are pretty simple: bow rosin and good shoes. But the filmmakers are hoping to raise money via Kickstarter to complete their end of the project." Last word was that they were looking for an additional $20,000 by May 14, and exceeded that goal. Find out more at

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