Fur Rondy

Alaskan's know how to enjoy winter. Hot mini-donuts on every corner. Coffee and cider in most gift shops. Fur hats and coats, some with the head of the animal still attached. I wandered the streets of downtown Anchorage enjoying the revelry (and the hats), watching the dog handlers get ready to mush, and ogling the trail of Mini Coopers cruising along as part of the Fur Rondy parade. Most places I know wouldn't think of holding an outdoor festival in February, but that's not how Alaskans roll. They embrace a little chill, prep for it, and play in it. After all, the sun is out a little longer and up a little higher. And watching sleds pulled by teams of dogs through the middle of a city makes the winter go just a little bit quicker.

fur hat  Pedicure for PupsReady to run

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