Baby It's Cold Outside

I'm a runner, but I grew up in Texas where we didn't have seasons. Not really, unless you count balmy, sweaty, hot, and unbearable. When I got cold in Texas, it was usually because the sun had cooked me for so long that I was near heat stroke and shivering from it. So, working out in winter in the north doesn't come easy. I have a few go-to pieces of gear and tips that keep me moving even when the temps dip below zero.


  1. Sometimes, you can't run, even on the streets. But you can snowshoe or hike in a good pair of snow boots (with gaiters and even foot warmers).
  2. If you want to run, a pair of Yaktrax, those rubber slip-over-your-shoes contraptions with coils on the bottoms, will help keep you upright. Or for a heavy-duty option, you can try Kahtoola Microspikes. There's like crampons for runners.
  3. I hate itchy thermal base layers. This won't help the guys much, but Snow Angel makes buttery soft, Doeskin mid-weight layers that you could fall asleep wearing. They are uber-warm, great at wicking away sweat, and breathable.
  4. My ears get cold but I don't want to give up my music. An outdoor company called 180s makes some Exolite Sonic "speaker earmuffs" with exceptional high definition sound to keep you moving.

Now that we're geared up and ready to go, I'll see you out there.
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