Grand Prize Winner of Alaska Magazine's Fishing Contest Announced

Emery Pinter, 51, of Parma Heights, OH

The Farthest north he’s been is Chicago

When Emery Pinter, 51, of Parma Heights, Ohio, was told April 24 he was the winner of Alaska magazine’s 2013 Fishing Contest, his first words were “Oh my goodness, OK. I don’t know what to do! I’m speechless!”

The trip includes round-trip airfare for two on Alaska or Horizon airlines into Ketchikan, a night’s accommodation at Cape Fox Lodge in Ketchikan, transportation to and from Ketchikan to Sportsman’s Cove Lodge via Pacific Airways, and three nights and days of fishing at Sportsman’s Cove Lodge in Southeast Alaska on Prince of Wales Island.

There he and a guest will enjoy massive cedar trees, Sitka black-tail deer, long summer nights and fishing unlike he’s ever experienced: king salmon, Coho salmon and halibut, as well as chum salmon pink salmon, ling cod, yellow-eye and True cod. The deckhands will fillet their catch, which will be vacuum-packed, flash frozen and boxed for freshness.

“I’m very excited about this,” said Pinter. “I love the north, the colder weather and I always wanted to see whatever is out there. I love to fish and see wildlife. It’s my first time to Alaska! I’m going to start packing tonight I’m so excited.”

In 2009, Pinter had a heart transplant, which has left him unable to enjoy a lot of things he once did. He said he is now well enough to enjoy this trip, and will take his 70-year-old mother, Margaret, along with him. “It’s such a great opportunity,” he said. “The reason I’m taking my mother is when I needed extra care, she was there for me. I definitely owe her for the care and time she gave to me.”

He said she is going to love the trip, as they had planned to travel somewhere this summer. “This will be the farthest north I have ever been, never been farther than Chicago. This is a real treat for me,” he stated.

Pinter, unlike many who enter every day, only entered the contest about a half dozen times. Spending a lot of time in the library, he enjoys books, magazines and entering a variety of contests.

“I’m very excited. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me since my heart transplant. I’m just going to dwell on this all afternoon.”

”“In the past I won small, a coupon for a free product. But this is a major major win. Never had a prize like this before. I’m very excited.”

And what does he expect to see while he is here?

“A lot of wilderness, probably roaring rivers, deer, moose going by, mountains, snow-capped mountains. And having very good food because of fish and everything out there. And the fresh air, sure the air is clean, and the sky and mountains—everything beautiful. I can’t wait to go up there.

“I’m very excited. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me since my heart transplant. I’m just going to dwell on this all afternoon.”

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