Denali – The Great One

At 20,310 feet, Denali dominates the already colossal landscape of the Alaska Range, rising above the horizon of Alaska’s two largest cities, Fairbanks and Anchorage. Seeing Denali, the mountain formerly known as Mount McKinley and the highest peak on the continent, remains at the top of...


Juneau was Tlingit land long before the arrival of Russian explorers, prospectors, miners, settlers and later, cruise ships. But it was gold in the 1880s that spurred the birth of the town. In 1906, Juneau became Alaska ‘s capital when the government was transferred from Sitka. Today,...


Located a stone’s throw from the Bering Sea on the southwest side of the Seward Peninsula is Nome, Alaska. Rich in cultural history, flush with beautiful sunsets over the ocean and tundra, Nome is also one of the best places in Alaska to shop for Native arts and crafts. While boasting...


This 4.3-mile stretch of land reaches out into Kachemak Bay like an arm waving hello to the Kenai Mountain Range on the opposite shore. Part of an underwater moraine from an extinct tidewater glacier, Homer Spit provides a hub for adventures of every sort from tidepooling and kayaking to bear...

My 48-Hours in Seward, Alaska

Seward, Alaska is about a 2.5 hour drive from Anchorage and it’s one of the most scenic drives you’ll ever take. I drove there in May, just at the start of everything leafing out and wildflowers starting to bloom. On the way to Seward, I stopped off at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation...


(Southeast Alaska) Wrangell is located at northwest tip of Wrangell Island on Zimovia Strait, 3 hours by ferry or 32 air miles southeast of Petersburg, and 6 hours by ferry or 85 air miles north of Ketchikan.


Population: 220 Whittier is located at the head of Passage Canal on Prince William Sound, 59 miles south of Anchorage via the Seward Highway and Whittier Access Road.  


Located between Wasilla and Lucille lakes in the Susitna Valley, about 42 miles north of Anchorage, on the Parks Highway.


Valdez (pronounced val-DEEZ) is located on Port Valdez, an estuary off Valdez Arm in Prince William Sound. Valdez is 115 air miles fronm Anchorage; 304 highway miles (about a 5-hour drive) from Anchorage; and 366 highway miles from Fairbanks.