Wildlife Wednesday: Dall sheep at Savage River

Read about how the photographer, Kathleen Ortwine, captured this image in our Wildlife Wednesday story this week.

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 As told to Mollie Foster

Kathleen Ortwine has hiked the Savage River trail in Denali National Park countless times, saying it's one of her favorites trails to view wildlife. Each time she's hiked there with different results; one time she'll watch a Dall sheep, another she sees a bear chasing a moose with her calves, or marmots playing in the rocks. 

This photo was captured on a day Kathleen went hiking with her two daughters, visiting from Michigan. They saw a lynx, caribou, moose, Ptarmigan, and, jumping Dall sheep. Kathleen said they noticed three Dall sheep rams high on the rocks above Savage River. They stood on the bridge, the midway point in the trail, and watched all three rams slowly descend down the rocky mountainside. The year prior, Kathleen witnessed one Dall sheep jump across the river, so she while it is not common, she guessed it could happen again. After a few minutes watching the rams scurry down the rocks, each one approaching the edge of the river and jumped across to the swiftyly flowing river to other side, one-by-one.

"It was magnificent," Kathleen said.


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