September: Alaska is a Work of Art

Courtesy National Museum of Natural History The Anchorage Museum displays a variety of Alaska Native artifacts, including this headdress used during potlatch and spirit-possession ceremonies.

Our artists and craftsmen are constantly inspired by the beauty that surrounds them

The first piece of Alaska art that came into our household was an ulu. This Native chopping and skinning tool is one of the most useful yet elegant pieces of equipment to be had. It’s handy in the kitchen, and the craftsmanship that goes into some of the more intricately carved handles of ulus is unmatched. So, although some might consider it a simple tool, others who appreciate Alaska artwork will see it for what it truly is.

Alaska is one of the best places to collect artwork that can be found nowhere else in the country. Alaska artists are inspired to create painted landscapes, forged metal sculptures, intricate carvings and beautiful textile creations. They use the greens of an Alaska summer, the varied whites of winter and the blended blues and pinks of the alpenglow as their backdrop. They draw on the browns and grays of wildlife, the aquamarine of a glacial-fed lake. The depth and textures of these creations show in their work, making a piece of Alaska art one of the best ways to bring memories of a trip here back to life.

 Hammer Museaum

Sheldon Museum

Alaska Bald Eagle Festival

Fairbanks Cultural and Visitor Center

Valdez Museum

Pratt Museum

Anchorage Museum

Alaska Aviation Museum

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Oomingmak Qiviut Hand Knits

Mount Roberts Tramway

Free Spirit Wear

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