Winter in Alaska is no time to hibernate. It’s time to celebrate and this month’s issue of Alaska magazine will do just that!

We’ll explore 49 great places to visit in the state, winter and summer.

We’ll provide all the details about the festivals, great and small, that celebrate  The Great Land.

The coming weeks are the best of winter in my mind. Our shortest days are behind us for the year, there’s more sun and new snow to come. That’s worth celebrating, whether you prefer snowmachine or cross-country skis, a fat-tire bike or snowshoes  to get you there.

There’s also solitude and a chance to try new adventures, whether trolling for winter kings in Homer, winter camping to catch the Aurora in the Interior, or simply snowshoeing a familiar summer trail that is so different under fresh powder.

We have a special kinship here during these winter months, or maybe just make the time to seek out old friends, to share a story and a meal or beverage.

This month is also full of anticipation and preparation. There’s a year of adventure just ahead, and time’s getting short to plan, research and book.

Preparation and excitement includes repairing old or damaged gear, replacing it with new. We’ll be tying flies, repairing rods, cleaning and refilling reels, patching waders and nets, tents and waders. We’re also sampling the fruits of last summer—red salmon both smoked and grilled, thick, white halibut and rockfish fillets—while testing new recipes. It’s a measured race, to enjoy each package, while dreading the bottom of the freezer, so that it lasts until fishing time this summer.

Preparation includes not just gear, but also planning the next trip of a lifetime.

That’s where we try to come in, as a source of information you can trust. You’ll see some subtle changes beginning this month in your Alaska magazine.

One sad change is that we are saying goodbye to Rebecca Luczycki, who’s been senior editor of the magazine for several years, and has contributed, both on these pages and behind the scenes, in ways vast and wonderful. Rebecca is beginning a career with the Alaska chapter of a national non-profit and we wish her a sad, but grateful farewell.

We will also welcome Debbie Cutler as the new editor of Alaska magazine. She’s had a long successful career editing other magazines in Alaska. In the coming months you’ll see both Alaska in her own words  and in overall look and feel of  the magazine.

Now get out and make the most  of winter in Alaska; soon it will be gone and we’ll have another summer to celebrate!

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