My Alaska Adventure

Alaskan Cowboy Doug Briney

dougbrineyAlaska cowboy Doug Briney at home in Anchorage.
Back in March, I release my first CD. This was something I had wanted to do for many years. It did take a different turn then I had thought I would take though. As a pastor and music minister for over 25 years, I had always thought I would put out a gospel CD. However, after a lot of prayer and soul searching I instead put out a pure country album.

The title track says it all, "It's All Country." I chose to do four cover songs with six original songs. I would describe my style as "Positive Country" and I really think the songs on this CD portray that. Even if it takes a bit of imagination with "The Man My Dog Thinks I Am" and "Ol' Red." Two of my songs have been released as singles and both have done very well on the indie charts here in the US as well as overseas. For that I am truly grateful.

Living in Alaska for the past 20 plus years, the first thing that comes to mind when I try to describe Alaska to folks is the Argo jingle. "Alaska is our home, living in the last frontier..." but, I like to change the next line and sing, "it takes special person to love it here."

One thing about living in Alaska. Nothing here ever just gets done, it takes effort, time and often times willpower just to get the simplest of tasks done. For example, most folks in California or places south of here don't understand the work it takes to just go to the store in the winter. Getting geared up, scraping the windows clear and clean, takes sometimes 15 to 20 minutes for a 5 minute drive to the store. We don't even think about it, it is something we just do. With my music, it seems everything takes a little more effort here as well. Unlike Nashville we don't have a "Music Row" where folks are lining up to hear the latest talent. Finding places to play and hone my skills as a musician just takes a bit more effort. The easy thing to do would be to forget it and just be satisfied playing some jam sessions but there is something in me that wants to do more. I enjoy performing, I love the interaction of the crowd and love watching people sing along with the songs they know and recognize. This interaction drives me to be better and to work at my craft even harder.

I think a large part of what has made my CD do so well has to do with the intrigue people have for Alaska, but I also like to think it has something to do with the lessons I've learned living here. We as Alaskans, don't make excuses, we get the job done. We don't wait for the perfect weather, we embrace what we are given. We often don't take the easy way but rather look for the exceptional way to enjoy the journey even more. In my music I have tried to convey my work ethic, my faith and my love for the simpler things in life. Country music and Alaska I think go hand in hand.

Doug Briney
Country Musician  Anchorage, Alaska  Visit Doug online at

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