Thinking of Moving to Alaska?

mvoeto-alaska-1Source: Flickr user Trodel

Thinking of moving to Alaska?  With over a dozen reality based television shows centered in the 49th state, many people believe they have a clear picture about what it's like to live in Alaska after watching a couple  TV shows, or visiting the state once. Alaska is big (over twice the size of Texas!) and its different regions have varied topography, weather, and culture.

A recent Movoto blog compiled a list of the "30 Things You Need to Know About Alaska Before You Move There."  While some of the advice is tongue-in-cheek, there are several useful and surprising facts about living in the Last Frontier.  Our advice?  If you're planning on heading up north, do some serious research first. 

Check out some of our favorite "things to know" after the jump. 



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