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In honor of Earth Day, NerdWallet decided to find out which of the 95 largest cities in the U.S. are the "greenest," with Anchorage, Alaska coming in at number two! NerdWallet measured the "greenness" of each city by factoring in environmental quality (average AQI plus number of parks per 10,000 residents) and green transportation (percentage of population that uses greener methods of travel or works from home). They also took into consideration the "excess fuel consumed per commuter, which is wasted fuel due to congested conditions in the city." Anchorage boasts an average Air Quality Index of 29—one of the lowest in the nation—as well as almost 11,000 acres of parkland, not to mention more than 200 parks and 250 miles of trails, making for 7.8 parks per 10,000 residents. The amount of fuel wasted due to congestion is only 8 gallons, and 38% of the population uses environmentally friendly transportation. In comparison, New York City, ranked as the 13th greenest city, has an AQI of 52, 5.3 parks per 10,000 residents, 28 gallons of wasted fuel, and 77.5% of the population commutes via environmentally friendly methods. With all of the beautiful Alaskan wilderness surrounding Anchorage, is it any wonder that the city is one of the greenest in America?

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