Iron Dog Winners by Year

1984 — John Faeo and Rod Frank
1985 — Scott Davis and Gary Eoff
1986 — John Faeo and Dan Zipay
1987 — John Faeo and Dan Zipay
1988 — John Faeo and Dan Zipay
1989 — Scott Davis and Mark Torkelson
1990 — John Faeo and Bob Gilman
1991 — John Faeo and Bob Gilman
1992 — Dan Zipay and Evan Booth
1993 — Scott Davis and Bill Long
1994 — Evan Booth and Dan Zipay
1995 — Todd Palin and Dwayne Drake

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2013 Iron Dog Teams

Pro Class teams entered in the 2013 National Guard Iron Dog Race.

Bib No. Name City
02 Ryan Sottosanti, Wasilla
02 Andrew Zwink, Wasilla
03 Bill Wilkes, Wasilla
03 Wayne Wold, Wasilla
04 Chad Dow, Fairfield, ME
04 Chris Kruse, Skowhegan, ME
05 Ray Chvastasz, Wasilla
05 Jens Hopson, Anchorage

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Iron Dog: Endurance and Speed

Snowmachine race traces northern Iditarod route

Iron Dog is a truly unique sporting event. A hybrid, Iron Dog is a 2,000-mile endurance race featuring snowmachines, as well as a distance race done at a pace equivalent to a marathon in which the humans run at the speed of 100-meter sprinters.

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Creating Hometown Heroes

Iron Dog embraces rural, urban youths through exchange program

Bush Alaska is known for its immense quantities of some things — temperatures to minus 50, months of darkness, perpetual harvesting of subsistence foods and a love of basketball and snowmachines, to name a few. Cynthia Erickson grew up in rural Alaska with the beloved Iron Dog race, and, sadly, a rate of suicide deaths 12 times higher than the national average.

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