Alaska Magazine 2012 Cruise Contest Winner Announced

Sophie Lamour wins Un-Cruise for Two

Sophie Lamour, a 21-year-old nurse, was working hard at a geriatric long-term care facility, when the editor of Alaska magazine called to interview her about her about being the grand prize winner in Alaska magazine’s 2012 cruise contest.

Lamour, who has never been farther west than Georgia in her U.S. travels, will be able to board the upscale 86-guest Safari Endeavour in Southeast Alaska on a seven-night luxury cruise for two from Un-Cruise Adventures. She departs and returns from Juneau, the state’s capital city.

She received an email from Alaska magazine on Feb. 11, and was called by the magazine’s marketing department on Feb. 12, announcing her winnings.

“What went through my mind is ‘I don’t think this is real or right,’” she recalled. “I hadn’t slept all day, so I thought, ‘this is probably not right as I never win these things.’ It still doesn’t seem right.”

She learned about the contest on, which has a listing of contests. “I entered almost every day,” Lamour said. “I’ve never been on a cruise, never been in Alaska. I thought it would be a lot of fun. I’m a big food person. I would love the salmon, and the bread: the sourdough.”

When she was little, she thought Alaska was some far-away place that snowed all the time. As she grew older, she watched the TV show Top Chef, which was recently filmed in the Great Land, and saw a little bit of what it is like today. “Now I have to go to Alaska and see all the fish markets there,” she said.

Raised in New York as a city girl, she’s not sure what to expect. “I’ve seen TV shows, Sarah Palin, stuff like that.”

The first person she told about her winnings was her brother “because he was awake,” followed by her mother. Beyond that, she hasn’t told many people, still wondering if her win will become a reality. “I guess I’m still in a state of shock,” she said.

When she arrives to the Last Frontier, she will be able to hike and kayak, see wondrous Glacier Bay National Park, explore whale-rich waters, and so much more. The cruise includes onboard meals; premium spirits, wine and microbrews; a sauna and not tub; yoga classes, and much more.

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