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  1. We love Alaska so much that when we went on vacation there back in 2001 we also got married there, on Flat Top Mtn. just outside of Anchorage.

  2. My husband and I have been to Alaska 6 times, we are hoping for a 7th visit! The Milepost was essential for all our travel plans!

  3. oh-what a love for a part of the world ! At age 75 I got to enjoy Alaska for the first time summer of ’75 & spending a month there with a longtime friend {who has a place on Kenai} I only scratched the surface. Thanks for a beautiful state & the lack of destruction to all the many ; many parts yet unsullied !

  4. Love the Milepost, we’ve made 2 trips to Alaska, one we traveled the AL CAN & the other we flew in. Information was always correct, marked each day prior to starting out. Every page is very detailed. Heading back again this year so that makes our third book. Best money spent. We use it as a reference when we get home & are working on our photography.


  6. I am a subcriber…! I love my Alaska Magazine! Been enjoying this magazine for well over 40 years!…thanks Alaska Magazine!

  7. PLEASE!!!! Pick me – we are coming up late August for a month as our 25th anniversary present to each other.

  8. I have wanted to visit Alaska for the past 30+ years. I turn 60 this year and my husband told me last fall to get busy planning a two week trip for this summer. I have had so much fun doing just that! We leave NH on June 8th. We will rent a car once we arrive in Anchorage, drive to Sterling where we will set up base in a cabin, do three fishing trips, a train ride to Denali, a boat trip for glacier and wildlife viewing. The rest of the time will be spent sightseeing in all of the other towns along the Kenai Peninsula.

  9. Lived by this book out on the road! Can’t wait to drive back in the summer this time! Winters stink!

    The southerner

  10. Alaska is home for over 30 years and will always be forever and ever! Following my husband as he serves our country. I can’t wait to move back. Manning a road trip up soon. We used the Milepost when we PCS’d out of Alaska. Great trip.

  11. The planned trip to Yukon and Alaska for the year 2016 had to be cancelled so I am making new plans !

  12. Looking forward to our drive from Maine to Alaska in 2018, I been been three times years ago and flew but now retired We intend to drive and are really looking forward to it !

    Winning a Milepost would be a nice touch….

  13. I read the Alaska magazine from cover to cover for the last 40 years.
    I have been to Alaska 5 times and lived there for 2 yrs while in the Army.
    I would love to drive the ALCAN highway some day.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. The Milepost is like having a private tour guide. We used it on five separate trips. Always knew where we wanted to be and what we wanted to see.

  15. We bought a 2016 Milepost and it was the most useful resource for traveling I have seen. Would love to win an updated one. thanks

  16. Would love to win as our son will be driving the Alcan this summer, moving to AK. We all lived in Ak 20 years and loved it. Have taken the AK magazine for years. Son is now covering all the dog sled races in AK. Currently on snow machine from Fairbanks to Nome covering race, riding on the rails on a sled being pulled by the snow machine. Tricky. The BEalsS

  17. I am a current subscriber. I have been to Alaska three times and hopefully will make it four in the near future.

  18. I’ve been receiving your awesome magazine for several years, visited Alaska in 2014, and
    plan on visiting this Sept for a month. Retirement for me will be in your state. The Milepost book that we took with us was invaluable.

  19. Have been on a cruise land tour of Alaska and thoroughly enjoyed thetrip. Subscribe to Alaska Magazine and can relate to a lot of things in it

  20. Loved our first visit to Alaska. We look forward to our Alaska magazine every month. Hoping to return to Alaska for another visit soon.

  21. We have subscribed to the Alaska Magazine for several years, and purchase two additional subscriptions for Christmas presents.

    Love Alaska — can’t wait to go again,.

  22. I have been to Alaska twice, but only driven from Anchorage to Kenai and return. The last visit was nearly 35 years ago….
    Milepost would help bring those trips to life!

  23. We have enjoyed Alaska Magazine for many years, have purchased many Milepost and used them for our travels to & around Alaska. We hope to be a winner and use this Milepost upon our arrival in June 2016!

  24. We traveled the Alaska Hwy twice many years ago, and the Milepost was very helpful. Saved us a lot of time and money getting thru Canada, etc.

  25. Great magazine!. Alaways inspiring with interesting stories. I read it for 3 years now and I hope this year to get to Alaska

  26. I really enjoy Alaska Magazine and have extended my subscription as well as given several gift subscriptions to family and friends. The magazine routinely provides information about travel destinations in Alaska and historical articles about Alaska. Great for planning future trips and sharing with friends. Keep up the good work of producing a high quality magazine covering Alaska.

  27. Alaska Magazine is one of the best magazines I have ever subscribed too. I have been a subscriber since 1998.

    Thank You

  28. After four trips to Alaska, anxious to go again. It’s a photographers dream! Very interested in driving the next time we visit.

  29. I love my subscription to Alaska magazine. I loved living in Alaska back in the late 70’s and
    I still get homesick but thanks to Alaska magazine I feel like I’m “back in Alaska” at least
    while I’m reading it cover to cover !

  30. I love my subscription to Alaska magazine. I loved living in Alaska back in the late 70’s and
    I still get homesick but thanks to Alaska magazine I feel like I’m “back in Alaska” at least
    while I’m reading it cover to cover !

  31. We travel June 2009 the whole month in Alaska with The Mile Post as our Super Guide. It was so Amazing that we come back this June to the most wonderfull country we ever visit.

  32. Touring Alaska is / has been on my bucket list. I have an uncle buried in Ketchikan, friends in Homer and elsewhere. Dana Stabenow is my favorite (Alaskan) mystery writer / author.

    I am excited to have more information to use to create a trip agenda.

  33. Love Alaska Magazine and look forward to it arriving in the mail each month. I especially enjoy Nick Jans’ articles.

  34. Love the Milepost. We pull our 5th wheel up the AL-Can in 2013 & flew to Anchorage last year & had a Milepost with us every day. I was able to find everything from pullovers, road construction, elevation, gas stops, campgrounds, food, I probably left something. We highlighted for each day what we needed. No one should travel to Alaska without it. Best thing make your trip successful & beautiful.

  35. Living in New Zealand it is a real neat feeling when we see the Alaska magazine come thru the post. We enjoy the articles and info on Alaska and are looking forward to getting back up there in the future, Who knows when but at least we have this great reminder of a place we love

  36. My dream is to visit and possibly reside in Alaska. I am 49 years young and was my mom’s care taker most of my adult life. She unfortunately passed away last January and my brother who just turned 51 just passed away two weeks ago unexpectedly at home. There has been so much loss in my life that I need a change of scenery and a chance to start over. Would love this opportunity to come to Alaska and explore my options… Thank you, desperately seeking happiness!!!

  37. I have subscribed to Alaska Magazine for many years and also give to my two sons. It is my favorite magazine and read cover to cover.

  38. Family from VT who have never been to AK would love to do a trip soon.
    Since I’m an Alaskan thought that would really be fun to do together.

  39. I have gone fishing 6 times in Alaska, self guided. Had a great time, I have not been since 2001. Want to do again before the Lord calls me home.

  40. Our best trip ever was driving the Alaska Highway in its entirety, and spending time on the Kenai, in Talketna, Palmer and the Matsu Valley, Anchorage, Seward, and so many more places. Museums, wildlife centers, marine life centers, whale (and bear, and stellar sea lion, and Dall’s sheep) watching, beluga whales, puffins, porcupines, beaver, music festivals, Russian Orthodox Church festivals, and so much more. Unfortunately the trip was only six weeks, so we just have to come back for yet another trip!

  41. Love the magazine. Left Alaska after 8 years of service there in 1973 seen a lot of changes. I have only been back one time since. ALASKA MAGAZINE EXCITES ME AS I SEE THE CHANGES TAKE PLACE, GOOD AND BAD!

  42. Love our Alaska Magazine, and that I made the section on Where Do You Read Alaska? Has been very helpful in planning our upcoming trip to Glacier Bay (fly in from Juneau), our 4 days in Anchorage, and the contacts to fly into and stay in Lake Clark. Information in LakandPen Air was helpful in booking our trip into Port Alsworth.

  43. I remember the Mile Post from being stationed in Fairbanks in 52 & 53. 7th Det 2nd Sig Sv Bn later 8607 AAU. Publication has sure grown up.

  44. Used the MilePost all four times I drove the Alaska Highway.
    Once from Florida, once from Chicago, and twice from Lakeview, Arkansas.

  45. Looking forward to a return visit to Alaska. The Mile Post was an invaluable tool for our first visit in 2012. You can be sure we will use it again when we visit.

  46. I will be In Alaska this summer. Traveling to Nome, Kodiak island and many places in between. The milepost would be most helpful on my trip in July.

  47. We want to make a trip to Alaska in the near future. I will subscribe to Alaska Magazine today.

    Victor and Linda Crane

  48. Good morning I am moving to Alaska at the end of this month. I will be traveling from Florida and picking up my sister right outside Atlanta and she will be making a journey with me. I have heard that the milepost is essential for those traveling north and thought this might be a good idea to enter this giveaway to assist us in our travels. Thank you for the opportunity. Take care

  49. Drove to Alaska in 1969 and again in 1972. The MILEPOST was right there next to our BIBLE. I wouldn’t mind winning a 1969 edition as ours was lent out and never returned.

  50. went to alaska in august 0f 2015, took five weeks off and drove from florida pulling a travel trailer. purchased the mile post before we left and was very glad we did. We would like to go again in the next couple of years, so many things to see and do, love Alaska!!!!!!

  51. I’ll be making the trek up to Eagle River from Colorado in August, and the Milepost sounds like it would be so perfect for the trip! I’m actually moving to AK, so I’m super excited to go exploring! Hope I win! 😉

  52. Were in Alaska in june/july 2013 for a fantastic holiday. Drove all the way from Bellingham, WA with a camper by the Alaska Highway. And back using the ferry from Skagway to Bellingham. Trully an amazing experience.
    Will be back for sure.

  53. My Dad was stationed in AK when he was in the military and now at 82, we are hoping to take him back there next summer to visit. The Milepost would help kick-start me with our two month journey.

  54. Made the trip in 2011 as a bucket list item. Milepost was a valuable guide throughout. Enjoyed the journey as much as the destination and want to do it again this year before I kick the bucket!

  55. Hi.. We did the Yukon/Alaska run three years ago and as “newbies” on the Alaskan the Milepost was our bible along the way; a great publication don’t leave home without it! We are planning to travel across the country again since we got hooked on the North West and would love to have a new version of the Milepost… Cheers all Paul Richard (Nova Scotia)

  56. Went to Alaska in 2008 & 2015. Can’t wait to go back again. Used the current years Milepost both times. Invaluable information. Things change so much up there so fast. Want to go again soon.

  57. I have been there before a the milepost was my best companion for planning trip and traveling in Alaska
    jacob beck spokane valley , WA

  58. I bought one, afterwards decided I couldn’t go so gave to a friend who was moving there. Now things have changed, I need one now.

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