Mayor Stubbs

Remembering Talkeetna’s honorary mayor Few, if any, have left a paw print on Alaska quite like Stubbs.  The rusty orange cat who served as honorary mayor of Talkeetna lost the last of his nine lives in July, and his passing was mourned by fans across the state and the nation. He was 20 years...

Holiday Meals, Alaska Style

Bring the Last Frontier to your table with a little creativity and imagination. [by Lynne Snifka and Serine Halverson]

Going Home

On the road to life in rural Alaska. [by Nick Jans]

Escape: Kobuk Valley National Park

Take a roll in the dirt. Kobuk Valley National Park allows visitors to explore a sand dune amusement park, one that’s frequently traversed by migrating caribou. With almost 1.8 million acres of remote backcountry, you won’t run out of outdoor adventures or run into many tourists. Like other...