A Nose for Seals

Labradors aid scientific research [by Michael Englehard] WITH NOSES 10,000 TIMES SHARPER THAN A HUMAN’S, dogs have served to detect the missing, the dangerous, the unbidden

Marks of the Ancestors

The traditional art of tattooing [by Michael Englehard] DESPITE TATTOO PARLORS IN ALMOST EVERY CITY and celebrities flashing chic subcutaneous designs, facial tattoos still carry a stigma—try landing a bank job, even suited up fancily, when you look like Ray Bradbury’s Illustrated Man. In the...

Hit the Water

7 tips for sea kayaking like a pro [by Deborah Kearns] I ’VE NEVER CONSIDERED MYSELF TO BE MUCH OF AN ADVENTURE JUNKIE. I’m also not terribly athletic so when I travel, I tend to play it safe on excursions. But our first trip to Alaska last September was a time for self-discovery—and for...

Hello Spring!

Goodbye cruel winter IT’S TELLING THAT I STORE EACH YEAR’S March snapshots in a folder labeled “Spring” rather than “Winter.” By March, we in the northern latitudes are all too ready to call a sunny 20-degree day spring.