Among the Bears

Exploring Katmai’s wild coast [by Emily Mount] Our floatplane skimmed low over a grassy headland. I pressed my nose against the window to see a family of brown bears ambling along a game trail below.

THROWBACK: Jet-Boat Junkies

[by Nick Jans] “WHICH WAY?” I shouted over the roar of the engine. Seth leaned forward, speed-reading the three-way split in the river that lay ahead. He gestured left.We both knew we had two chances to make that gooseneck turn into a six-foot-wide, three-inch-deep slot at 30 mph: slim and...

In the Mood

Calling all moose [by Nick Jans] In the arctic stillness, on the far side of the river, an unmistakable racket echoed in the bright afternoon: the thrashing of a bull moose stripping velvet off his antlers and honing his moves, prepping for the rut.


Alaska Drone Film 4K / HI FOCUSED Cinematography from HI FOCUSED on Vimeo.

The Promise of Discovery

You never know what you’ll find hiking a wilderness trail [By Tom Walker] Under an azure sky stretching unblemished to Denali’s icy dome, the morning air crisp and fresh after autumn’s first frost, our tundra hike captivates the senses.